Citrix Clients

Citrix remote access requires a plug-in on your computer. Click on the appropriate client below to download and install.

These clients are recommended for use with UHS citrix remote access. If you do not see a client for your environment, please visit the Citrix downloads page.






Please visit the following link to download a Citrix client in the format best suited for your Linux computer:

Receiver Clients

The Receiver Client is what allows devices like the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android to connect to Citrix. To obtain the Citrix Receiver Client for your device, follow the instructions below.

Apple iPad & iPhone:
You must download the client from the Apple Store using iTunes. They are free applications.

You must browse to the website below from the Blackberry device. on their supported mobile device.

You must download the client from the Android Market. It is a free application.